Why Write a Blog?

Why Write a Blog?

In order to value of my blog writing service, you need to clarify the purpose of blog writing.

Every company will have its own reasons for adding regular blog posts to their website. Here are a few reasons why it could be important for your business:

Showcase your Expertise

There are limits to the information that can be communicated on your web page content. Blog writing presents the opportunity to fill the gaps and share the breadth of your knowledge.

An Extension of your Customer Service

Blog writing is a way to share valuable information. This could include new product reviews, aftercare advice, how to tutorials and top tips.

Inspire Prospective Clients

People respond to fresh, exciting ideas. With inspirational content, you can encourage web visitor to book, request further information or buy, whilst avoiding the overt sales message.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Do you find yourself repeating the same information to customers time and again? Blog writing provides a means of giving a detailed response. By keeping a note of blog titles and URLs, it’s easy to send a link that directs customers to the information they seek.

Highlight your Company Values

Your company may support your local community, be passionate about the environment or be at the cutting edge of new developments.  Blog writing allows you to qualify how your team are putting your values into practice.

Promote Events

If you are exhibiting, organising a product launch, running a networking event or taking part in a community fundraiser, blog writing can encourage others to get involved and join in.

Respond to Topical News

As relevant news stories hit the media, blog writing is a means of presenting your web visitors with the key information, your response and action points.

Supporting your Social Media Activity

Blog posts give you a wealth of potential content that makes it far easier to maintain active social media profiles. A brief snippet a link to the full blog will help to drive traffic to your site.

Increase the Likelihood that your Website will be found on Google

Seeing blog writing as an SEO exercise is a missed opportunity. There is however no doubt that regular, original posts increase the chances of a match between the search criteria and your content.



I hope this explains why blog writing should be seen as more than a tick box exercise. Do you recognise ways in which it could help your business thrive?

If you do, but you haven’t the time to commit to blog writing, get in touch: