Barriers to Blog Writing

Breaking Down the Barriers to Blog Writing

“Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection”

This quote popped up on my social media this morning. I don’t know who to credit for it, but sums up the reason we often hold back when it comes to creativity.

Getting Started with Blog Writing

Last week I spoke with a business owner. She was proud of her new website, but very aware that it had an empty blog page. Then she admitted that she had written a blog, but was apprehensive about posting it. Was it too long? Had she effectively communicated the key message?

With a little advice and a nudge in the right direction, she took a deep breath and clicked ‘Publish’.

I’m not sure how long she’d be contemplating that blog, but as soon as it was out there, her mind filled with ideas for future blogs. Her creativity was unlocked; she had broken down the first barrier of blog writing – getting started.

Concerns about ‘getting it wrong’ often hinder creativity.

I enjoy activities that spark creative thinking, so enrolled on a one day block printing workshop at my local arts centre.

After a brief introduction, the tutor gave us each a crisp, white t-towel and a carved block. She squirted thick, black fabric paint into our trays and told us to get printing. She’d imparted some basic instructions on applying the paint, but provided no rules.

This lack of structure threw some into momentary panic. Where should they start? What if it goes wrong?

A tea towel – at best it would be used to dry the dishes. Did it really matter if it went wrong? To some people, yes, because we feel a failure if we don’t get it right (even on the first attempt).

Once we all bit the bullet, the process was simple, fun and quick to deliver results. As each participant took printed the first black blocks onto their white fabric, the tension dropped. Creativity flowed and by the end of the workshop, we all left with a colourful selection of beautifully printed fabrics and papers.

Learn from the Creative Process

So many people hold back from creative activities because we’ve become so results focused. If you’re worried about making mistakes and what people will think, it’s difficult to really open up to new possibilities.

Our early attempts may not be fantastic, but we learn from the creative process. Experience and feedback help us to improve. The more we break down the barriers to creative thinking, the easier it becomes. As a result, we open ourselves up to fresh ideas and new approaches.

Blog Writing

If you are keen to write your own blogs, it’s time to get some ideas down on paper. Don’t expect to write the perfect piece on your first attempt, just start by:

  • Writing a few ideas on paper
  • Considering what related points your customers would find interesting or useful to know
  • Researching information that relates to the idea and see where this leads you
  • Building on the formative thoughts to develop the idea
  • Writing a draft blog
  • Re-reading and editing
  • Finding or taking a suitable picture
  • Posting!

The minute you click ‘Publish’, expect to feel both panic and excitement. Your blog is live.

People can read it and form their opinions about it. Some may not be favourable, but which is worse; giving it a go or having an empty blog page? It’s time to get creative!

If you need a little more assistance, I offer content planning packages. We’ll consider relevant subject matter, key events and frequency of posting before a final blog plan is prepared. Simply email me to arrange a content planning meeting: