Seasonal Messages for 2020

With just a month until Christmas Eve, your company may be considering an appropriate seasonal message. In 2020, the usual ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ doesn’t feel right. With many people unable to enjoy the usual festivities, the challenge is finding meaningful words.

Whether we are considering sending cards, email greetings or festive blog writing, is it possible to hit the right tone? Would it be better to skip the sentiments this year?

Let’s Look at the Big Brands for Inspiration

Every year, marketing teams pull out all of the stops to create Christmas Adverts for the big brands. Considerable market research and creative thinking go into producing a message that resonates with the public. What can we learn from them?

John Lewis & Waitrose; Acts of Kindness

The John Lewis and Waitrose Ad is one of the most eagerly anticipated, yet this year they nearly opted against the idea. The company were persuaded that it was the right thing to do by the two charities that set to benefit. As the chosen charities, Fare-Share and Home-Start will gain publicity and funds from the campaign.

With both companies aiming to be a ‘force for good’, the theme for 2020 is random acts of kindness. This meaningful approach focuses on being generous in spirit, rather than giving in a materialistic sense.

This ad could inspire a festive gesture for employees. An office party might be out of the question, but an act of kindness could be a wonderful way to reward members of your team. This could take the form of an extra day of leave or a development opportunity that supports a personal goal.

This could be an accompanying greeting:

‘What would we do without you? We appreciate your motivation and determination to always do an exceptional job. You have helped us survive the most challenging of years, thank you.’

Google; Support for Small Businesses

The Google Ad recognises the role that small businesses have played in helping their community through the challenges of 2020. Their seasonal advert encourages people to support local, independent companies by writing a Google review. It is simple to do, costs nothing and is a gift that adds value.

This approach could inform your message to suppliers, freelancers and partner organisations. Take the time to write them a testimonial, LinkedIn recommendation or Google review.

‘As a small token of thanks for the support you have given us, we have written a Google review/LinkedIn recommendation/testimonial. May it help you generate new business in 2021.’

Tesco; Treat Yourself

Tesco has brought light-hearted humour to their Christmas message. The ‘no naughty list’ advert forgives the sins of stockpiling toilet roll, less than perfect home-schooling and dodgy home haircuts. It encourages us to treat ourselves because, at the end of a year like this, we all need a treat.

The treat yourself message might fit the bill for your loyal customers. Without them, your business would struggle. Could you show gratitude for their patronage by offering them a gift or a substantial discount?

‘To show our gratitude for your loyal custom, we believe you deserve a treat. Your next … will be on us/We’ll include a free … with your next order/Use this code for a 50% discount on your next booking.’

Amazon; Making Dreams Come True

The Amazon Ad shows how creative thinking helps a talented ballerina to fulfil her ambition of performing to an audience. It draws on the fact that we’ve all had to adapt and do things a little differently this year, but can still help each other to achieve our dreams.

If you are aware of the ambition of a colleague, supplier, freelancer, customer or associate, who, in your network, has the contacts, resources or knowledge to assist? Can you make connections and referrals that could help someone to take the next step towards their dream? Imagine receiving this message and the impact it could make:

‘I’d like to help you get 2021 off to a great start. Here are the details of … I believe they could offer exactly what you need to transform your vision into a reality. I’ve let them know to expect your call. Season’s Greetings.’

Your Seasonal Message

Attempting to craft a message of the right tone can result in lots of staring at a blank screen. If inspiration has yet to strike, I hope that these suggestions will inspire original words this Christmas.


Finding the Small Business Voice

As a small business, have you found your voice? Does your marketing message reflect your offer or are you trying to emulate the big brands?

Many small business owners are concerned that potential clients will be put off by a small team. They fear that it will be assumed that they lack the capacity or resources for larger projects and orders. As a result, they are tempted to create a marketing message that implies that they are a larger entity.

Is this a great marketing strategy or is honesty the best policy?

Are you Attracting the Right Clients?

Some customers favour the big names, the known brands and the long-established agencies. The familiarity of the process or the product is reassuring. They trust the label of a quality brand.

You can chase these customers, trying to attract their attention and working tirelessly to prove that you are worthy of their business. The difficulty is that bigger brands will inevitably have more marketing resources, so competing at this level is tough.

Is it worth risking a façade that doesn’t quite match reality when it can crumble? Can you build strong client relationships when you aren’t being genuine?

Celebrating the Small Business Offer

Rather than trying to emulate big business, why not celebrate the advantages of being a small company? Many potential customers prefer the experience of working with local, independent companies and here are three reasons why:

Small Businesses are Led by Owners, not Managers

As a business owner, you have a vested interest in delivering the best customer experience. Your livelihood depends on listening to customers and providing what they need. As the decision-maker, you can adapt services, policies or processes in an instant if it is advantageous. This approach makes the service responsive in a way which isn’t possible in large firms.

The type of customer that favours small businesses is looking for someone who cares. They know that owners are willing to do what it takes to build trust and complete the project to a high standard. This commitment is seldom matched by a paid manager.

Does your marketing message celebrate the dedication of the team? Do communications and case studies showcase your approachable and receptive nature?

Small Businesses offer Something Unique

Where large organisations are tough to beat on standard products and services, small independent businesses are the champions of personalisation. If consumers are looking for bespoke products and tailored solutions, they need specialists.

Let big brands engage with the masses, for small businesses it is more important to celebrate niche products and services. If your webpage content and social media is simply a micro version of the market leader, you are missing a trick.

Small Businesses are Part of the Local community

There are several advantages to being part of the local community. In the digital world, we can be in communication with anyone, but it is reassuring to be able to meet in person. Having your business on their doorstep makes you approachable and provides a sense of accountability.

As a small business owner, you likely have established contacts in the local area. If clients need something beyond the scope of your offer, you can make recommendations. Outsourcing and collaboration bring the best skills to the table and this can make you far more dynamic than larger firms.

Many customers prefer independent companies because they contribute to the local economy in ways that have a direct impact on them. From support school programmes such as Young Enterprise, sponsoring a sports team or engaging in community activities, this makes a difference.

Does your marketing message showcase your community involvement?

Be Proud of your Small Business Status

As a small business owner, you have lots to be proud of. Make sure that you have an original voice that promotes your strengths. With an honest marketing message, you are more likely to entice customers with natural synergy.


If writing is not your thing and you would like some help with finding your small business voice, I offer a range of affordable copywriting services. Please email for further information.